8 Fl.oz Premium Papaya Seed Oil Pure & Organic Skin Hair Nails Health Care

Liquid Gold


Being a good source of Vitamin A and Papain, this fruit helps in removing dead skin cells along with breaking down the inactive proteins. The best feature of papaya is its ‘Low Sodium Quality’, thus resulting in very little retention of water. In simple words it means, it helps you keep your skin hydrated. Papaya helps the skin by reducing the aging signs on the face. The application of finely grounded paste of raw papaya on the face for 25 minutes helps reduce those unwanted pimples and other embarrassing blemishes on the face. Both, direct application and eating will help you achieve smooth, supple and soft skin. Regular consumption or application of papaya also provides shine to the skin, which comes from within and is long lasting. The mashed papaya can be used for treating the sore and cracked heels. Papaya also acts as a natural skin exfoliator. Application of papaya also helps in removing skin discoloration. The peel of papaya can not only be used on the face, but it can also be used for whitening the legs. The use of raw papaya helps you treating the ringworms as well. You just need to rub some slices of raw papaya on the ringworm patches and see reduced inflammation.


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