Maharishi Ayurveda - VPK Citronella Herbal Soap Bar | Kapha Balancing Ayurvedic Cleansing Soap for Normal To Oily Skin | All Natural Aromatherapy Bar Made From Turmeric & Citronella (4.2oz - 119g)

Maharishi Ayurveda


ALL-NATURAL HERBAL SOAP: Our all-natural aromatherapy bar cleanses and balances your complexion. BALANCE KAPHA DOSHA: Produced with a mild natural base, this herbal soap will invigorate the skin and balance Kapha Dosha. AYURVEDIC HERBAL COMBINATION: Our Citronella Herbal Soap Bar is made from a combination of herbs and oils such as Mesua, Turmeric, and Citronella. FOR NORMAL & OILY SKIN: This all-natural nourishes and cleanses, perfect for normal to oily skin types. MOISTURIZING SOAP BAR: Made with Ayurvedic herbs, our formula not only refreshes your skin but helps you warm up when you are tired and down.


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